With the release of his first EP, Ruins, Jerrod Phillips reveals some of the most intimate details of his life up to this point.  Moving to Nashville from Los Angeles in 2009 to pursue songwriting, Jerrod quickly found himself in a sea of songs that didn't quite suit his taste.  As the years flew by, health issues stemming from a pituitary tumor forced him to reevaluate what he was doing with his life.  Taking some time off from writing, Jerrod began managing merchandise for a band. While on the road, he found himself longing to write again.  Grabbing his notebook and pen, he picked up the guitar and began working on songs that were a direct reflection of the joys and pain that he had experienced from growing up in small town Louisiana, the morally challenging days in Los Angeles, and the awakening that arrived in Nashville.  With influences ranging from Jason Isbell to David Ramirez, from Ryan Adams to Vince Gill, Jerrod's style of moody Country/Americana music is grabbing the ears of people across the country.